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Avoid corrosion, patchy surfaces and discoloration

Learn best practices for storage, handling and pretreatment in Aluminum Anodizing

As Anodizers we focus a lot on the actual Anodizing step. But so much can go wrong before you put your aluminum parts into the tank and start the process. 

If you don’t do handling, racking and pretreatment right you increase the risk of corrosion, patchy surfaces and an uneven coloring later on.

In these two modules you get Anne Deacon Juhls best practices for handling, racking and pretreatment - based on +25 years of experience consulting Anodizers all over the world.

The modules help you:

✓ Avoid corrosion during or because of transport, storage, unpacking and before racking.

✓ Choose the optimal materials for racking.

✓ Create the right surface for Anodizing i pretreatment, so you get the best results for your Anodized Aluminum.

✓ Troubleshoot the pretreatment steps and get it done faster (without being dependent on your chemical supplier).
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Who are these modules for?

  • Hands on Anodizers

    For anodizing line manager or operators who need to keep the anodizing production running as smooth as possible.

  • Production Managers

    For new or experienced Production Managers who manage one or more anodizing lines and wish to expand their technical knowledge about anodizing pretreatment.

  • Want to be an Anodizer

    For companies who are planning or thinking about starting an in-house anodizing line.

Hear from our students

Understand how pretreatment effects the finish surface appearances

“I can recommend the pretreatment module for anyone who is beginning in the anodize business and needs to understand how the pretreatment of the aluminum effects the finish surface appearances.”

Rob Davis, INTEX, International Extrusion Inc.

A safe introduction to Anodizing

“The masterclass gave me a safe introduction to setting up our first anodizing line. Making sure we didn't miss any important details, getting the correct equipment and not overspending at our first attempt in anodizing.” 


Meet your instructor

Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl

Anne has worked in the Anodizing Industry for more than 25 years.

After finishing her Ph.D. she has worked with anodizing both as an independent consultant and as a supervisor and quality manager in anodizing companies. 

In the modules “Handling and racking” and “Pretreatment” she’ll take you safely through the process of preparing your Aluminum for Anodizing - and she’ll help you avoid common pitfalls that can result in corrosion, patchy surfaces and uneven coloring later in the process.

What You Get In These Modules

  • 9 recorded presentations by industry expert Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl

  • Course material that you can download and use for notes and reference

  • Hands-on instructions for better-than-best racking and pretreatment practices

Bundle: Racking & Pretreatment

This bundle includes two Anodizing Masterclass modules

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The first 10 students enrolling for the modules are offered a free 1:1 with your course instructor Anne Deacon Juhl.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t have PayPal. Can I pay by invoice and bank transfer?

    Yes, of course. Send an email to

    We will send you an invoice for the module bundle. Once you have paid the invoice we will enroll you in the course.

  • I want to enroll in the handling, racking and pretreatment modules, but I don’t want a 1:1. Is that OK?

    It’s completely OK if you prefer to just take the courses at your own pace.

    If you are amongst the first 10 to enroll in the course we will send you an email offering you a free 1:1 with Anne as a bonus. If you don’t wish to use it, please write back saying so.

    Then we can offer the 1:1 for another student. Thanks!

  • Is this a beginners course or can I benefit from it as an experienced Anodizer?

    The handling/racking and pretreatment module is a great place to start if you are just beginning your adventure with Anodizing, BUT there is plenty of knowledge there for experiences Anodizers too.

    Like all professionals, some Anodizers will begin or forget to do things in their process, so you can definitely benefit from some reminders and likely also some new knowledge you didn’t have beforehand.

    If you want to go all the way, we recommend having a look at our Anodizing Masterclass