Learn to ask the right questions about anodizing and improve the finish of your products

Think properties - not coating thickness

How can we achieve the properties and appearance that we desire in our products? 

How does the process parameters influence the final appearance of our anodized products? 

In this course you will get the answers to these questions and also learn how different alloys behave when anodized, how to set anodizing standards and specifications for your aluminum product, and how to ask your anodizer the right questions about anodizing. 

A course tailored to your needs  

Our aim with this course is to provide you with a good basic knowledge of how to communicate with your aluminum anodizing supplier about the anodizing process. The class is taught at an introductory level with some of the topics explored in depth.   

Course date: Understanding the anodizing process22. September from 02.00-04.30 PM CEST 

The course fee for the class is 350$.  

The course is highly interactive with plenty of time to ask questions. The course day includes a workshop where you will work on the subjects that matter most to you.   

You will receive training in aluminum anodizing from the industry expert, Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl.  

Limited no. of seats - reserve yours today! 

What you get in this class

A live online training for everyone collaborating with anodizing suppliers.

  • Live online training with Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl (2.5 hours)

  • Interactive teaching in a small group

  • Access to the recorded online training and learning materials

How you will benefit from this live online training

Understand the anodizing basics and how process parameters affect the anodizing results. 


Learn about how to anodize different alloys and achieve the properties and appearances you desire. 


Ask your anodizer the right questions about anodizing and agree on the right process specifications for your aluminum product. 

Who is this course for?

  • Product Design or Technical Role

    Your work is about designing or engineering aluminum products. Learn how to ensure that your ideas match the reality of your product.

  • Sourcing or Quality Assurance Role

    Your work is about picking the right anodizer or ensuring the quality of your anodized aluminum product. Learn how to ask the right questions to your anodizer and what tests to agree on to ensure high quality.

  • Sales or Marketing Role

    You work is about selling or advertising your company’s aluminum products to customers. Learn what properties are possible to sell, what your client needs as well as the right language to advertise it.

What this course is about

Understanding the anodizing process

Live Online Training: How to Work with Your Anodizing Supplier – Day 3  

Presentation 1: Short introduction to anodizing 

  • What happens in the anodizing process? 

Presentation 2: Talking with your anodizing supplier about anodizing – part #1 

  • Understanding what happens in the anodizing tank 
  • Understanding how process parameters influence coating properties 
  • Q & A Session

Presentation 3: Talking with your anodizer about anodizing – part #2 

  • Understanding how different alloys behave when anodized 
  • Setting anodizing standards and specifications for your aluminum product 
  • Asking your anodizer the right questions about anodizing 
  • Q & A Session 

Interactive workshop: How to improve the communication with your anodizing supplier with focus on anodizing 

Limited number of seats - reserve yours today

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Live online training: Overview of September classes

DAY 3 - Understanding the anodizing process

Practical information

This course is held as a live online event (using Zoom) in a 2.5 hrs. sessions.

The course date of our next course is:  

22. September 2021 (02.00-04.30 PM, CEST)  

Any questions? 

Contact us on info@anodizingschool.com. 


Anne Deacon Juhl

My name is Anne Deacon and I have worked in the anodizing industry for more than 25 years. My anodizing journey started when I wrote my Ph.D. thesis as a research scientist at the Technical University of Denmark about "Pulse Anodizing of Extruded and Cast Aluminum Alloys".

After finishing my Ph.D. I worked with anodizing both as an independent consultant and as a supervisor and quality manager in anodizing companies. Thus, I have great experience with different kinds of chemical and electrochemical surface treatments, such as chromating, electroplating, electroless plating - Anodizing – type I, II, and III are my favorites.

What I am most passionate about is the sustainable aspect of aluminum anodizing. I strongly believe anodizing is the most efficient and sustainable solution for anodizing aluminum. This conviction has also led to my decision to create AnodizingSchool where I seek to enhance knowledge about anodizing in the world.

Kirsten Groenborg

I’m Kirsten Groenborg and I have designed and facilitated learning processes – online and onsite – for almost 20 years. About the same time as I started teaching, I met Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl and I have worked with her ever since, first in her consulting company, AluConsult, and since the start of AnodizingSchool we have developed courses and training together.

I have a master in Architecture and Design and I have worked both as an independent consultant and as an inhouse consultant with companies within mobility, medtech, and cleantech as well as architecture and design. As a college teacher I’ve taken a diploma in education and I have developed full education programmes.

I am passionate about creating great learning experiences I’m convinced that a Better than best learning outcome is achieved when the course is tailored to the audience and the participants get to be active. I’m also passionate about AnodizingSchool, because I know what a difference Dr. Juhl’s knowledge can make when applied in her customers’ companies.