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Increase the quality and consistency of your Anodizing process

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Anodizing Masterclass takes you safely through all the steps from pretreatment, handling and racking over anodizing to test and quality assurance.

The course helps you:

→ Increase the quality and consistency of your anodizing process

→ Make your anodizing process more cost-efficient and sustainable

→ Improve delivery time and reliability

→ Increase customer satisfaction

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All you need to know about Anodizing

To get started with your first line - or to improve your results as an experienced professional

  • What you need to know about Aluminum and its alloys - and corrosion

  • The different types of Anodizing - and which methods you should use for what

  • How to handle your Aluminum and rack it properly

  • Which pretreatment procedures you should put in place to avoid defects

  • How to do the actual Anodizing step and handle rinsing

  • What you can do to make sure your coloring is even and consistent

  • How to conduct test and quality assurance, so you get the best results

  • + a bonus module dedicated to which Anodizing equipment you need to have - and which is nice to have.

Here's what our students have to say

From the newbie to the Anodizing heavyweights

Now we can control the Anodizing process through more accurate methods

João Ricardo Baptista Director, CPA

The greatest thing about the course was the huge amount of specific and complete information about metallurgy and the possible impacts in the layer quality.

Because of that, we are now able to increase even more the quality of our products.

The course definitely has given us the opportunity to learn new anodizing methods and new ways to control this process in a more accurate and specific method. I was concerned that the course could be shallow, and that it would not increase my company's knowledge in anodizing. Happily, this fear did not come to be a reality, since the course brought us a vast amount of information, and that made our background on the subject even larger.

I would recommend the course to all anodizers that seek to or need to improve their processes. Beyond that, to anyone who searches for technical, profound and didactic information about anodizing.

I got all the little details right when setting up our first Anodizing Line

Jørn Broen Founder, Broen Design

The masterclass gave me a safe introduction to setting up our first anodizing line. Making sure we didn't miss any important details, getting the correct equipment and not overspending at our first attempt in anodizing.

It's been a pleasure working with Anne.

Despite heavy Anodizing experience, David learned a lot from Anodizing Masterclass

David Betz Senior laboratory Engineer, Hydro Aluminum Technology Center

At Hydro, our expertise is aluminum, so some of the material wasn’t “new” to me. My experience is heavy with 6000 series alloys and light with 3000 and 7000 alloys.

I enjoyed learning about the nature of all the other series. Even with my knowledge, I still thought it was worth watching.

We do a lot of corrosion testing here, especially, lately, for IGC resistance. And while I understand what is happening, sometimes I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the order that the mechanisms proceed in.

I especially liked how you expanded on the differences between acidic and alkaline corrosion, the creation of corrosion products, etc. And I liked your discussions of the different types of corrosion and the influences that alloying elements have on corrosion.

It has been useful to me and will be useful in my job at Hydro.

This is what you get

12 full-fledged modules that takes you gently and thoroughly through each step of the anodizing process

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction to the course

    • How to use this course

    • Before you begin ....

    • Thank for completing survey!

  • 2

    Module #1 - Aluminum and its alloys

    • What to expect from this module

    • The basic information of Aluminum and its Alloys you need to know before Anodizing

    • Production and properties of Aluminum

    • Aluminum Alloys

    • Aluminum Association_Alloy Designation system

    • The Link to the "Key to Aluminum Alloys"

    • The Metallurgical History

    • The anodizing response

    • Microstructure of aluminum alloys

    • Slideshow for module - Aluminum and its alloys

  • 3

    Module #2 - A World of Anodizing

    • What to expect from this module

    • Why anodizing matters

    • Catch a glimpse into the history of anodization.

    • Learn the basics in anodizing

    • A sneak peak into the various anodizing processes

    • Slideshow for module - World of anodizing

  • 4

    Module #3 - Corrosion of Aluminum

    • What to expect from this module

    • It all begins with corrosion

    • Corrosion of Aluminum

    • Various types of corrosion on Aluminum

    • The metallurgical history in respect to corrosion

    • Slideshow for module - Corrosion

  • 5

    Module #4 - Handling and racking

    • What to expect from this module

    • The need to know about handling and racking to get a proper and consistent anodizing result

    • Handling before and after anodizing

    • The importancy of racking

    • Masking - a part of the handling

    • Guidelines for Minimizing Water Staining of Aluminum - The Aluminum Association

    • Slideshow for module - Handling and racking

  • 6

    Module #5 - Pretreatment

    • What to expect from this module

    • Creating the "right" surface for anodizing

    • The importance of pretreatment

    • Basic chemical understanding of the pretreatment process steps

    • Polishing the aluminum surface

    • Troubleshooting the pretreatment steps

    • Slideshow for module - Pretreatment

  • 7

    Chapter #6 - Anodizing

    • What to expect from this module

    • The step in the process where you create and design your porous structure of the anodic oxide layer

    • What to know or ask before you start to anodize

    • Summary of what goes on in the anodizing step

    • The in-depth explanation of the aluminum oxide formation process

    • Anodizing defects

    • The deep dive into the anodizing process step

    • The metallurgical influence on the anodizing process step

    • Slideshow for module - Anodizing

  • 8

    Chapter #7 - Rinsing

    • What to expect from this module

    • Rinsing the most important step

    • Why rinsing is so important!

    • Water types and rinsing steps

    • Trouble shooting

    • Slideshow for module - Rinsing

  • 9

    Chapter #8 - Coloring

    • What to expect from this module

    • Coloring - the beautiful choice

    • Why you should use a number and be careful

    • A variety of coloring methods

    • Some of the troubles with coloring of anodized aluminum

    • Slideshow for module - Coloring

  • 10

    Chapter #9 - Sealing

    • What to expect of this module

    • Sealing processes - past, present and future

    • The basic principle of sealing

    • A view into the major sealing processes

    • The failures arising from the sealing step

    • Slideshow for module - Sealing

  • 11

    Chapter #10 - Test and Quality

    • What to expect of this module

    • Better than best practice - standards, tests and quality

    • Overview of anodizing standards

    • Tests for the oxide layer to pass

    • The important shop floor tests

    • Slideshow for module - Test and Quality

  • 12

    Chapter #11 - Waste Treatment

    • What to expect of this module

    • Why waste treatment is almost as important to know as anodizing

    • How to decide the optimal solution for your waste treatment

    • The waste treatment steps

    • Zero Disharge and how to reduce the use of chemicals

    • Slideshow for module - Waste Treatment

  • 13

    Chapter #12 - Equipment

    • What to expect from this module

    • The need to have and nice to have

    • So now we are ready to build our line

    • All the nice to have equipment

    • The equipment you need to have to certify and qualify you anodizing process

    • Conductivity of aluminum alloys

    • Slideshow for module - Equipment

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Who is this course for?

  • Hands on Anodizers

    Are you the manager or operator of an anodization line? Do you encounter production errors or quality faults? This course will show you how to fix these issues!

  • Production Managers

    For new or experienced Production Managers who manage one or more anodizing lines and wish to expand their technical knowledge.

  • Aluminum Specialist

    For Aluminum Specialists from the aluminum industry, suppliers to the anodizing industry or end-users such as engineers within transportation or the building industry.

How you will benefit from the course

Expand your knowledge and learn how to optimize each step of your anodizing process. Produce consistent high-quality anodic coating and increase customer satisfaction.

Get in-depth technical knowledge about anodizing and improve your communication about technical issues with suppliers, customers and subject matter experts, such as the quality department and lab specialists.

Learn all about anodizing from the fundamentals to specialist knowledge in a step-by-step e-learning environment at your own pace.

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