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Customized Anodizing Workshops

At Anodizing School we also tailor workshops that suit your unique needs. 

We do:

  • online or on-site workshops 

  • from 2 hours to 2 days

  • For anodizers and end-users

For anodizers: We tailor the workshops to your needs and ensure you can put the knowledge into immediate action to improve your anodizing process today. 

For end-users: We help you understand the specifications of aluminum and anodizing and how to communicate with your suppliers to get exactly the anodized product that you need.

In the past, we have done for example workshops about hard anodizing, pulse anodizing, and anodizing introduction courses.

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Anne Deacon Juhl

Owner of AluConsult & Anodizing School

At Anodizing School I transform my practical and theoretical knowledge into actionable steps that improve your anodizing process today. Our online courses help you create a more consistent high-quality anodic coating on aluminum. With 25 years of experience in the anodizing industry, I understand which anodizing practices work best in the real-world conditions of an anodizing line. At Anodizing School I want to bring the better-than-best practice based on scientific research and hands-on practice into your aluminum business.