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Anodizing School is much more than an online school about anodizing. We are a learning community for anodizers all around the world. Our goal is to increase the use of anodizing by providing step-by-step knowledge of the anodizing process. Thanks to anodizing, your product not only gains consistent high-quality but also becomes more sustainable. 

Anodizing is the most sustainable surface finishing for aluminum because it simply thickens the naturally formed oxide layer and increases the life-span of your aluminum product. But when the time has come for your product to be scrapped, anodized aluminum products can be fully recycled thanks to the forgoing of any hazardous chemicals or heavy metals in the anodizing process. 

By joining our learning community you also join the movement towards a more sustainable aluminum surface finishing!

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Thesis and Paper for Sale

Pulse Anodising of Extruded and Cast Aluminium Alloys

This thesis comes in two parts dealing with pulse anodising of an extruded aluminium alloy in part I and various cast aluminium alloys in Part II. Gain insight into the theoretical considerations as well as various tests of the aluminium oxide layer. Experimental work is taken into considerations and conclusions on the work are offered.

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The cost savings when using square pulse anodizing

The ROI period for a conventional anodizing line to switch to pulse anodizing is less than a year. This is due to the increase in productivity and energy savings. This paper explains in short both types of anodizing and, based on a real case, explains how to obtain the savings.

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