What You Get In This Class

Anodizing Masterclass is an allrounder course in which you learn everything you need to know about anodizing.

  • 12 modules with 10+ hours of recorded presentations

  • Relevant resources (articles & course material)

  • Expert advice by industry expert Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl

Who is this course for?

  • Hands on Anodizers

    Are you the manager or operator of an anodization line? Do you encounter production errors or quality faults? This course will show you how to fix these issues!

  • Production Managers

    For new or experienced Production Managers who manage one or more anodizing lines and wish to expand their technical knowledge.

  • Aluminum Specialist

    For Aluminum Specialists from the aluminum industry, suppliers to the anodizing industry or end-users such as engineers within transportation or the building industry.

Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl about Anodizing Masterclass

How you will benefit from the course

Expand your knowledge and learn how to optimize each step of your anodizing process. Produce consistent high-quality anodic coating and increase customer satisfaction.

Get in-depth technical knowledge about anodizing and improve your communication about technical issues with suppliers, customers and subject matter experts, such as the quality department and lab specialists.

Learn all about anodizing from the fundamentals to specialist knowledge in a step-by-step e-learning environment at your own pace.

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Free Preview: Coloring of Anodized Aluminum

Have a look at module #8 of the Anodizing Masterclass.

Free Preview: Current Controlled Anodizing

Have a look at module #6 of the Anodizing Masterclass.

Anne Deacon Juhl

Owner of AluConsult & Anodizing School

At Anodizing School I transform my practical and theoretical knowledge into actionable steps that improve your anodizing process today. Our online courses help you create a more consistent high-quality anodic coating on aluminum.

With 25 years of experience in the anodizing industry, I understand which anodizing practices work best in the real-world conditions of an anodizing line. At Anodizing School I want to bring the better-than-best practice based on scientific research and hands-on practice into your aluminum business.
Anne Deacon Juhl