At AnodizingSchool we are dedicated to bringing the better-than-best practice into your aluminum business!

AnodizingSchool was launched in 2020 by Anne Deacon Juhl, owner of AluConsult, as a new learning community for anodizers and professionals in companies working with anodizers. 


AnodizingSchool is a one-stop online space where you have access to articles and webinars for free, but also buy specialized e-learning courses and live online training courses 

We currently offer the Anodizing Masterclass as an e-learning course, and in August we will do another free webinar on "Why it makes sense to upgrade to pulse anodizing". 

Enroll at Anodizing School and ...

  • Increase the quality and consistency of your anodizing process

  • Make your anodizing process more cost-efficient and sustainable

  • Improve delivery time and reliability

  • Increase customer satisfaction

How To Work With Your Anodizer

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How To Work With Your Anodizer is online training with four courses specifically tailored for product developers, OEM's, designers and other professionals who use anodized aluminum parts for their products.

We take you through the most important steps to ensure you get the right anodized parts by enabling you to collaborate better with your anodizing supplier.

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Customized Anodizing Workshops

At Anodizing School we also tailor workshops that suit your unique needs. 

We do:

  • online or on-site workshops 

  • from 2 hours to 2 days

  • for anodizers and end-users

For anodizers: We tailor the workshops to your needs and ensure you can put the knowledge into immediate action to improve your anodizing process today. 

For end-users: We help you understand the specifications of aluminum and anodizing and how to communicate with your suppliers to get exactly the anodized product that you need.

In the past, we have done for example workshops about hard anodizing, pulse anodizing, and anodizing introduction courses.

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