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Anodizing School is the result of an ever growing demand from the industry for more knowledge about anodizing of aluminum.

AluConsult has therefore created the first of a series of online training for both suppliers and customers of anodized aluminum.

Anodizing School offers flexible training and knowledge in anodizing:

  • E-learning where and when you need it - no need for on-site training
  • No need for classroom training so minimal disruption to daily operations 
  • Knowledge for technicians and end-users in all anodizing processes
  • Expertise from a trainer with over 25 years´ industry experience
  • Impartial and independent guidance

The course guides you in better than best practice for anodizing aluminum

  • Who this course is for

    This course has been created for those working in anodizing companies who want to increase their knowledge about the basic steps involved in anodizing. Those who take this course could be operators, technicians, supervisors and managers.

  • What and how you will learn

    You will learn about aluminum and its alloys, corrosion of aluminum, the various steps in the anodizing process, equipment, waste treatment, testing and quality. This e-learning can be taken when and where you choose, and is presented as a series of images and text with Anne Deacon Juhl guiding you throughout.

  • Why is this learning so important

    After many years of working in the global anodizing industry, it is very clear that knowledge gaps exist. Some of these gaps are quality, stability of the process, corrosion failures and inconsistent alloy quality. This course will help you to be more confident about the decisions you make along each step of the anodizing process.

You will get access to the following:

  • 12 modules with visual lectures
  • Online group sessions between each module to help you digest and learn
  • A closed LinkedIn “Introduction to Anodizing” group 
  • Freedom to learn when you want, and at your own pace
  • The course can be seen over and over again, paused, and is actually a reference document for you

This course is for those working in the anodizing industry who need more knowledge about the basic steps involved in anodizing.  This course is aimed at operators, technicians, supervisors and managers.

The 12 modules cover aluminum and its alloys, corrosion of aluminum, the various steps in the anodizing process, equipment, waste treatment, testing and quality.

  1. Aluminum and its alloys
  2. World of anodizing
  3. Corrosion of anodizing
  4. Handling and racking
  5. Pretreatment
  6. Anodizing
  7. Rinsing
  8. Coloring
  9. Sealing
  10. Test and Quality
  11. Waste treatment
  12. Equipment


Anne Deacon Juhl

Anne Deacon Juhl has worked for 25 years in the area of finishing of aluminum. She was a research scientist for five years at the Technical University of Denmark and did her Ph.D thesis on "Pulse Anodizing of Extruded and Cast Aluminum Alloys." During this period, she established a personal network in Europe, the U.S., and Scandinavia. As a consultant within the field of finishing of aluminum she has worked with all different kinds of chemical and electrochemical surface treatments, such as anodizing – type I, II and III, chromating, electroplating, and electroless plating. Deacon Juhl worked for three years in an anodizing job shop as the development and quality manager, where she successfully bridged the gap between theory and practice. For the last 16 years she has worked full-time consulting customers in order to enhance the value of their aluminum products – with a break of five years at one of her customers, an Aerostructure company as Supervisor for the surface department.

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What people say about the 2-days anodizing workshop!

Very informative!

Dale Allard, Process Engineer, Hohman Plating

Dr. Juhl, I found the anodizing workshop this week to be very informative. The information will be helpful in improving my sulfuric anodize processes.

Extremely informative!

Travis Lee, Del´s Plating Works

I wanted to thank you for the great seminar that you provided, it was extremely informative.

Structured and informative!

Rick Webster, Nelson USA

I have attended Anne Deacon Juhl’s Anodize Workshop and would recommend it without any reservations. Her workshop is well structured and informative along with her excellent communication skills. Anne’s knowledge made the workshop interesting and enabled her to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction.

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An active and dynamic course, which you can have for the rest of you anodizing career.

  • Learn at your own pace

    The great thing with an online course is that you can always go back to the course moudles to check out specific topics again, as and when it suits you.

  • Intensive group calls

    Face-to-face online group sessions between each module to help you digest and learn.

  • Yours to keep

    You will be reminded about all that you love about anodizing, all the special things to indulge in, and you will learn how to be better than best in your anodizing practice.

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